About Parola Plus

Parola Plus was founded in 2009 and specializes in written and oral translations and legalization. With more than 5000 completed projects, for us high-quality translation, kept deadlines and adequate customer service are an established standard that our clients value and expect from us.

The quality and professionalism of Parola Plus is not just talk:

  • certificate for fulfilled European quality standard for translation services: EN 15038:2006
  • official partner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a contract for official translations and legalization – renewed on 15.01.2013 
  • Registered administrator of personal data, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the information provided

Aside from translations, we also legalize documents for their use abroad. We are familiar with all requirements and procedures for legalization of different documents. We have special ofers for students, applying to study abroad  (PAROLA STUDENT). We offer all our  BUSINESS CLIENTS a „Subscription service contract“. The clients who have signed the contract receive free courrier services on the territory of Sofia, right for delayed payment and special prices.


The 5 work principles of Parola Plus:

1. Professionalism.

Our team of highly qualified translators and editors are experts in specific fields, which guarantees the corectness of the translation of the information from one language to another. A large part of our team are native speakers or have graduated or worked in the respective country. For us, no translation is too difficult and we always do our best to justify our clients’ trust in us.

2. Confidentiality.

We assume our ethical and professional responsibility towards all our clients and this is why all our translators withold a strict standard of confidentiality. Parola Plus is a registered administrator of personal data, which guarantees the security and confidentiality of the information you entrust to us. We constantly update our security standards and our work process and our highly secured IT infrastructure guarantees maximum secuirty of every customer.

3. High work ethics.

Our clients’ trust is our prime priority, which we build through complete transparency of our work process. The correct approach when managing projects and the professional execution guarantees that we keep the deadlines of all our orders.

4. Individual approach.

We know that every client has different requirements and that is why we approach every customer individually. We take into account the needs and wishes of every customer, Parola Plus offers flexible and timely solutions.

5. Feedback.

Excellent communication is the key to a successful partnershup. Parola Plus is readily available to answer any question regarding the services we offer and the process of fulfilling orders.