Oral translations

We offer an oral translation for all sorts of work and everyday situations. You can count on us for business deals, signing contracts in front of notaries, negotiations, dubbing of media productions, unofficial meetings, accompanying foreigners – we are right beside you!

Устни преводи на над 35 езика

You can count on our professionals for all occasions:

  • Simultaneous translation – translation from a cubicle at the time of speaking; done by a team of two translators
  • Consecutive translation – translation after speaking. Suitable for negoatiations, seminars, conferences, media productions. Depending on the nature and volume of work, it is done by one or more translators.
  • Dubbing of media production – translation and dubbing of video and audio files in a studio or from a distance.
  • Accompanying and assisting  foreigners in work or everyday situations – accompanying and assisting during travelling, checking-in at hotels, official meetings and any other situation, requirong the knowledge of the surroundings and language.

Our terms:

  1. The time the translator is engaged with you is included in the price, regardless whether there is actual translation being done;
  2. Ordering an oral translation from the client has to be done at least 3-5 days in advance before the day of translation;
  3. The agency taxes the oral translation per 30 minutes. The minimum time for oral translations is 1 hour;
  4. For translations outside of Sofia, including the areas around the ring road ande beyond, the client has to provide for the transport of the translator in both directions;
  5. For translations outside the country, the client pays the return transport both ways, including food and accomodation for the translator.
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