TranslationsLegalizationOral translations

Form documents

(Certificate of conviction; Certificate of birth; other forms)

Standard documents

(Diplomas; Transcripts; etc)

Non-specizlized documents

(Company documents; Balancesheets; Court decisions; other non-specialized.)

Specialized documents

(Technical; Economic; Medical;.)


Price Time Price Time Price Time Price Time
I group – English, German, Spanish, Russian 15 BGN 3-7


17 BGN 3-7 days 18 BGN 3-7


20 BGN 3-7 days
II group – Greek, French, Italian Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish 20 BGN 3-7


23 BGN 3 -7


25 BGN 3 -7


27 BGN 3-7 days
III group –  Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Albanian Make an inquiry 3 -7


Make an inquiry 3 -7


Make an inquiry 3-7


Make an inquiry 3-7 days
IV group – Arabic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Armenian, Vietnamese, Estonian, Hebrew, Korean, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Finnish Make an inquiry Make an inquiry Make an inquiry Make an inquiry

For a fast translation  (within 1 business day), the price is increased by 50%.

For an express translation (within 4-8 hours), the price is increased by  100%.

Please, note:

  • The prices are per one print page (1800 symbols with spaces).
  • The minimum order is one page.
  • The prices are calculated, based on the translated text.
  • The standard volume of pages that a single translator can translate for a business day of 8 work hours is :
    • 7 pages per day for languages from I and II group;
    • 5 pages per day for languages from III and IV group;
  • In the event of an order with a volume, higher than the one metioned above, as well as for translations outside of business hours, the prices are negotiated.
  • The time for translation does not include non-business days and holidays.
  • For large volumes and/or for orders from our BUSINESS clients, we offer discounts.
  • If the order is large and volume and has to be performed by a team of translators, the time for translation is increased for synchronization purposes Order online now!
The terms and sums are different, depending on which institution has to certify the document.

  • For an Apostille from the Ministry of Justice, the time is 4 working days, after which it is submitted to the Minsitry of Exterior by us.
  • For the Ministry of Education and Science – the time is 5 working days and the document has to be submitted personally, after which we haveto be submitted to the Ministry of Exterior for verification of the signature of the translator.
  • For legalization of a document in the Ministry of exterior in Bulgaria, the time is:
    • Normal order  – 4 working days
    • Fast order – 2 working days
    • Express order – 1 working day

For other cases, please CONTACT US! The consultation is free. 

The price for the oral translation depends on the topic of translation, the rarity of the language and the prior notice period.

In order to receive a quote for an oral translation, please  CONTACT US!

Please, note:

  • The time for which the translator is with you is included in the price, regardless if there is any translating being done;
  • Ordering an oral translation has to be done by the client at least 3 to 5 working days in advance;
  • The agency charges the oral translations on every half hour, as the first hour is always counted as full;
  • For translations outside of Sofia, including areas around the ringroad and beyond, the client has to arrange transporation for the translator in both directions and at his expense;
  • For translations in the country and abroad, the client pays the transport of the translator both ways and arranges for his food and accomodation.